British Community Panto - Robin Hood

Well, it’s been a week of some excitement, entertainment and pride at the British Section. On Thursday, we were thrilled to welcome the British Community Pantomime Company who performed a scene on our school hall stage, featuring members of the school community, including parents, staff and children. All pupils were enthralled by the fantastic production, which included hilarious comedy, excellent singing and frivolous audience interaction. The performance brought about a real sense of pride at the school. Pride that a large group of our children performed in this wonderful spectacle and, in doing so, developed their confidence, bravery, independence and stage performance prowess. (Oh yes they did!) A huge ‘thank you’ goes to all parent/adult/staff actors for providing this performance as well as, of course, our very own Fiona Brooks, for creating this pantomime and giving the school and SHAPE community this fabulous experience. All the children were presented a certificate for their efforts, we are very proud of you all.


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