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The British Section, SHAPE International School follows the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for Foundation Stage 1 and 2 and the English National Curriculum in Years 1 to 6. Early Years assessments, Y1 phonics checks, KS1 and KS2 Assessment tests are all administered in accordance with regulations from the Department for Education to assess pupil progress and attainment in core subjects and areas of learning.



Our staff team have moulded our wider curriculum to ensure our core values and principles are fed into the education our children receive. This is how it works:


Learning Themes

Each year group from Years 1 to 6 has specifically chosen Learning Themes. These are carefully picked, appropriate areas of learning, based on the school’s locality. They allow the study of topics relevant to each age group, in line with the English National Curriculum and enable sophisticated knowledge acquisition.

Each includes planned international learning opportunities as well as a character education focus.


International Integration

We have taken account of what makes our setting unique, namely our international context. We strive to make the most of our international locality by planning opportunities for our children to learn from, about and with other nationalities. This comes through integration with our partners, the Canadian Section of SHAPE International School, as well as the other national schools on SHAPE. We also organise real-life learning opportunities, using the school’s Belgian location, to further enrich our learning opportunities. The aim is to add international context to our ‘learning themes’ to make knowledge acquisition more memorable, whilst developing global, environmental and human awareness, tolerance and respect.


Be Incredible: Show Your Character

To equip our children with effective building blocks of strength and virtue to flourish in an ever-changing, ever-challenging world, we strive to nurture our pupils to become happy, valued individuals and confident, responsible citizens.

We aim to provide our children with practical judgement and wisdom together with strong global and human empathy.

To achieve this we both celebrate and teach each component of our ‘Character Virtues.’ These are:

Be honest

Be caring

Be respectful

Be brave

Be responsible

Be helpful

Be fair

Be grateful

We deliver our Character Education provision through a three-way ‘caught’ and ‘taught’ approach, as follows:

  • We encourage our children to show these ‘Character Virtues,’ which are celebrated through rewards and personal recognition when they are shown.
  • Each Learning Theme has a focus ‘Virtue,’ associated with it. This helps our children explore and thus make further make sense of these ‘Character Virtues’ by studying examples of how people across the world and throughout time have successfully demonstrated these.

Our aim is to deliver a truly international learning experience, where the goal is to inspire, supported by a foundation that nurtures citizens of good character.




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