Year 2 - Griffin Class: Gallery

Year 1 and 2 Christmas Production, by Mrs Robertson

Date: 17th Dec 2018 @ 1:20pm

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Trip to Pairi Daiza , by Mrs Robertson

Date: 8th Jun 2018 @ 1:33pm

On Wednesday, 6 June 2018,Year 1 and Year 2 visited Pairi Daiza. The children were lucky to enjoy beautiful sunshine throughout their visit. Our Year 1 and 2 children, who shared the visit with the Canadian Section, were accompanied around this wonderful setting by a zoo keeper and were given the opportunity to both hold and feed many of the animals.


International Field Days 2018, by Mrs Robertson

Date: 8th Jun 2018 @ 1:24pm

After the unfortunate postponement due to the unpredictable and wet weather last week, Year 1 – Year 4 successfully participated in the International Field Days. During this fun and unique event the children demonstrated their learning powers of ‘Have a Go’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’, we are very proud of you all. Thank you to the American School for organising this event and to all parents who helped out on the day or came along to support their children.

2017 Christmas Productions, by Mrs Robertson

Date: 25th Jan 2018 @ 3:07pm

School Christmas Productions

The Autumn Term and 2017 ended with three delightful Christmas Productions.

FS1 and FS2 enthralled us with their rendition of ‘A Snowman At Sunset’ , whilst Key Stage 1 (Y1 &2) treated us to a beautiful and magical version of “it’s a Baby”. Finally Key Stage 2 (Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6) entertained us with their performance of the upbeat musical “Cinderella Rockerfella”.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all staff members and volunteers who have dedicated their time to help make these performances fantastic; whether it be by making costumes, painting scenery, making props, singing, music, dancing, opening curtains, prompting, helping to learn lines or directing the show.

Most importantly, well done and thank you to all of the children who performed so well, worked together in a team and showed their musical, dramatic and dancing talents. We are proud of you all!

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