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The School Governance Committee

The School Governance Committee at SHAPE meet regularly and have a strong representative voice of the parents and wider community in helping to run the school. SGC members enjoy meeting with pupils, parents, teaching staff and the school leadership team to find out how the school is performing, what life is like here for all involved and provide friendly yet critical advice and support. 

The committee plans and delivers a programme of events and actions to monitor, challenge and support the overall practice of the school. Each SGC member is assigned a sub-committee, linked to aspects of school improvement, to provide positive contributions to these key priorities. This provides a strong level of quality assurance and involvement from the community.

The current School Governance Committee is as follows:

S. No Governor Name SGC Post Appointment Start Individual Area of Responisbility Declaration of relevant business and material interests
1 Mr Marcus Senescall Chair 2016 SIS Board Representative  
2 Mrs Jackson Marshall Vice-Chair 2017 Policy reviews & Leadership & Management  
3 Mr Jens Niedzwiedzki Standing (Headteacher) 2017    
4 Mrs Nina Harris Standing ( School Business Manager) 2017    
5 Mrs Esther Brown Teacher Representative 2013    
6 Mrs Lynn Robertson Secretary (Assistant School Business Manager) 2017    
7 Mr Ashley Mitchell Govenor 2016 Per. Dev. Behaviour & Welfare Wife employed at the school
8 Mr Adam Edmunds Governor 2017 Leadership & Management Wife employed at the school
9 Mr David Robinson Governor 2018 Pupil Outcomes  
10 Mrs Kim Jarvis Governor 2017 Pupil Outcomes  
11 Mr Alex Macdonald Governor 2017 Teaching, Learning & Assessment  
12 Mr Peter Hodgson Governor 2017 Teaching, Learning & Assessment Wife employed at the school
13 Mr John Harrington Governor 2017 Pupil Outcomes Wife employed at the school
14 Mrs Linda Sewell Governor 2014 Per. Dev. Behaviour & Welfare  
15 Mrs Rita Vanspringel Governor 2016 Legal Employer EJSU  
16 Mr Lee Traxton Governor 2018 Leadership & Management  
17 Mrs Michelle Blagg Governor 2018 Teaching, Learning & Assessment  
18 Mr Graham Rook Governor 2018 Per.Dev.Behaviour & Welfare Wife employed at the school.



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